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Recommended Sensors

Here are a list of sensors, transmitters and transducers that are compatible and work well with our iSCADA devices and infrastructure.

Sensor Type

Manufacturer / Supplier

Water QualityGlobal Water Instrumentation, Inc
pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, Turbidity….many others
 Kuntze Instruments, Inc
Chlorine, Chlorine-Dioxide, Ozone, Oxygen, Peroxide, Sodium-Bisulfite
Wide range of RTD & Thermocouple sensors, transmitters, Thermal Ribbons, Miniature sensors
NTC thermistors, RTDs, Thermocouples
High precision Pressure Transducers
ElectricalOhio Semitronics, Inc
Wide range of electrical transducers – Voltage, Current, Power (Watts), Energy (Watt Hours), Reactive Power (VARS), Power Factor…
Current Transducers / Transformers, Voltage Transducers, Watt Transducers, Phase Angle and Power Factor Transducers…
VariousEnercorp Instruments, Inc
Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Air Quality, Wind, Current…