DevicesWorld is committed to providing Web-based communication technologies for users to remotely interact with their appliances in real time. As a member of DevicesWorld or customer of Devices World Sdn Bhd, we assure you that your Personal and Corporate information is fully protected and held strictly confidential. We maintain a high level of security and privacy protection on all information collected at this Web Site. This includes (a) information given by you in the course of registration, (b) information you enter manually in the course of using the system and (c) information collected automatically from your devices and appliances.

User Privacy
We adopt high standards to safeguard the privacy of your account and personal information. It is our policy not to disclose your personal, corporate and devices information to other third parties without your consent. However, there may be situations where it becomes desirable for you to make limited Devices’ data available to authorized third party like the local Fire Rescue Department, Police, etc. Such third party access are fully authorized by you through tools in the Site.

DevicesWorld endeavors to keep all Devices data and user data private, viewable only by you, the user, and the persons and or communities to whom you address it, except:

DevicesWorld, as a system operator, may need to look at your Devices data and/or user data if we believe it is necessary to protect ourselves or other users from injury or damage. For example, if we have reason to believe a user is involved in unlawful activities that create any risk that the authorities could seize our system, we will review his or her user files and data for our own protection.

DevicesWorld, as system operator, may need to access your account information, including Devices data in the process of providing technical support. An access level system is in place to ensure that only authorized operators have access to your data at various security levels.

DevicesWorld does not regularly monitor user files and/or data unless we believe there is misuse. DevicesWorld may randomly monitor user files and/or data to ensure that misuse does not occur. DevicesWorld endeavors to respect the privacy of its users but cannot allow the system to be a tool for illegal or other injurious or damaging activities.

DevicesWorld does not deliberately disclose user files and/or data to other users or other parties. If we believe certain users are connected with unlawful activities, we may disclose their user files and/or data to the authorities to protect our system, ourselves, and other users.

If the authorities ever search or seize our system, they may gain access to your private user files and/or data. In that case, we cannot assure they will not review them. Remember that you have personal rights of privacy that even the government cannot legally violate, although you may have to go to court to enforce those rights.

Except as expressly provided herein or as required by law, DevicesWorld will not disclose the contents of private user files and/or data to anyone other than addressees, authorized recipients, or those to whom such disclosure is necessary to assure forwarding or delivery.

DevicesWorld may use for its own purposes information gathered regarding members, user profiles, and other user data. This information may be transferred to external parties in aggregate form. DevicesWorld will not reveal to any third party, including other users, any detailed, non-public information that identifiably discloses any member’s specific use of the system or the member’s user data, unless:

  • the member has received advance notification that the type of information involved will be disclosed; or
  • such disclosure is required to operate the system or by authorized demands of law enforcement authorities; or
  • by court order compelling disclosure of information within DevicesWorld control.

Devices Security
We use data encryption methods to transmit data between your devices and our central server. In addition, every unit of device has a unique identification and hardware password to ensure that only valid, registered devices may communicate with our server. By regularly changing the devices’ passwords, you help enhance their overall security.

Client Code & Password Protection
For added protection and security, you are required to enter a unique Client Code and Password each time you access your account information – including devices configuration, devices monitoring, and sending of commands to your devices. Corporate customers have multiple level access passwords to ensure that only authorized personnel within the organization may have access to specific features of the System.

We recommend all Passwords for Users and Devices be changed frequently. You can change your Passwords online at any time. You should never divulge your Password to anyone, including any representatives of Devices World. If you forget your Passwords, please contact us at for immediate assistance.