DevicesWorld’s iTEMS solution helps monitor electricity consumption for all individual tenants of our clients. iTEMS directly invoices tenants of any building with a fully automated billing system. This gives clients a more detailed breakdown of data to better track and analyse consumption levels in order to mitigate consumption and achieve ‘best of class’ energy efficiency within any iSCADA-equipped building.

Each tenant’s consumption can be monitored from the existing (or newly installed) meter and all relevant data will be continuously extracted from this metering point.

Automated Alerts

Since iTEMS monitors every individual tenant’s energy consumption, it enables a new type of alert system. For instance, if a meter fault occurs, iTEMS will automatically alert the client’s management and also notify the maintenance department and even the tenant (if required). Every stakeholder will be given alerts as the client wishes.

Thus, iTEMS provides clients with the missing link between the individual tenants consumption to the overall consumption of the facility as a whole.

Individualised Billing

iTEMS will provide the Client with a complete, end to end billing system; including templates for bills and reports to the distribution of monthly bills directly into the tenant’s email. iTEMS is designed to be customised to The Client’s unique requirements, not only to produce final billing to their tenants via email but also to largely improve the efficiency of this process through automation.

For a more flexible and automated billing process, DWSB plans to provide training on the use of cloud computing platforms especially Google Apps which will be deployed as part of the iHEPS, iTEMS and iSCADA solution.

  • iTEMS provides the facility with reports that can be readily customised by trained personnel. Data exported by iTEMS include total cost, maximum demand, peak and off-peak consumption – if applicable.
  • iTEMS is SECURE as it is designed to actively maintain confidentiality of data as well as to selectively deliver monthly, daily or even hourly consumption data to individual consumers as required.