Phone-Assisted Automated Gate System


iPAGS is an iSCADA solution for an automated gate system using wireless, mobile phone and Internet connectivity. This system complements current card based automated gate systems and provides a secondary back-up system in the event of the main one failing. It is simple to use and easy to configure, providing a hassle-free and effective way for residents to enter their buildings or housing estates.

Key Features

24-Hour Operation

iPAGS assures round-the-clock operation, even regardless of weather.

Large Database

A large database of up to 2000 registered numbers is capable of accommodating the majority of gated communities.

Detailed Logging System

Detailed logging system allows easy troubleshooting and maintenance as well as cross-checking logged time stamps with CCTV footage for enhanced security.

Quick Deployment

Installation of iPAGS is fast, effective and user friendly, ensuring that there is minimum to no interruption of gate usage or other downtime.


  1. Provides a backup to any existing card entry system in the event of failure;

  2. Provides a convenient and easy way for residents to open the gate to their community;

  3. Provide a secure database of residents’ numbers that is under the control of the management, allowing for new numbers to be added and old ones removed at the management’s discretion; and

  4. Logging calls that come in, allowing the management to cross check timestamps with existing CCTV footage timestamps to verify gate entries if required.