Hosted Energy Profiling Services

iHEPS uses the unique iSCADA technology platform developed by Devices World to deliver real-time energy consumption information. iHEPS aims to help large electrical energy consumers understand their energy usage patterns, achieve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

How iHEPS Can Help You

Assess electrical supply equipment utilization

iHEPS determines not only the common load curve of kW consumption, but optionally, also information on Total energy (kVA) and power factor. These data reflect the utilisation levels of electrical supply equipment of the consumer.

Save on Electrical Utility Bills

iHEPS determines whether existing electricity is being consumed in an efficient pattern that will incur the lowest possible cost. Large consumers are billed by the utility not only on the total energy consumed, but also on maximum demand, power factor and time-of use.

Analyse impact of new tariffs on Electricity Costs

With iHEPS, the impact of any new tariff structures on the consumer’s cost of electricity can be easily and accurately assessed even before the new tariffs are enforced.

The iHEPS Architecture


Data Acquisition

This captures energy consumption data from electrical energy metering devices, located at strategic points in the distribution system. The iSCADA gateway will collect data on energy flows (kWh & kW) from meters.

Processing, Evaluation & Recommendation

The next step is to process the data. Evaluation of the data will be conducted to provide a detailed and accurate picture of how electrical energy is being consumed. A recommendation will be prepared after analysis and consultation with the technical department of the facility.


The monitoring system will enable the facility’s technical management to effect additional changes (Intervention) to their usage pattern and evaluate the usefulness of these changes in their energy efficiency efforts with the objective of lowering their electricity bills.

An iHEPS Case Study

Demand response optimisation – Maximum Demand (MD) mitigation. The prudent use of iHEPS derived information allowed for the reduction in Max. Demand (MD) by as much as 3% for a 10 MW consumer.

This resulted in a RM9,000 monthly reduction in the MD portion of the monthly electrical utility bill. Another source of savings (again using iHEPS) came from a shift from peak to off-peak consumption. Overall KWh consumption savings through this peak to off-peak shift additionally reduced RM1,500 from the same monthly electrical utility bill.

The overall savings by implementing these energy efficiency measures (facilitated by iHEPS) resulted in a total monthly saving of approximately RM10,500.

The Return on Investments for this company’s iHEPS investment was thus less than five months and the company continues to enjoy additional savings through longer term energy efficiency measures.

Success Stories

Bangsar Village

Bangsar Village

Bangsar Village is a large, up-market shopping center that opened in 2004. Since then it has expanded to have a sister mall right next to it, Bangsar Village II. Bangsar Village is a prime example of a standard shopping mall in Malaysia. They have around 70 tenants in Bangsar Village 1 and around 120 tenants in Bangsar Village II.

Bangsar Village has been utilizing Devices World’s patented iSCADA technology, via the iHEPS solution, since 2010, and during that time they have been able to reduce their Maximum Demand by over 150 KW. By using the data that was acquired by the iHEPS solution, Bangsar Village was able to consult with Devices World, their energy managers, and various maintenance departments to help reduce and optimize their energy usage.

Bangsar Village II is also utilizing Devices World’s iTEMS solution to resell electricity to their tenants. The iTEMS monitoring and billing solution has helped Bangsar Village II generate an additional source of revenue, which in turn reduces the impact of their monthly overheads.

Amsteel Mills

Amsteel Mills

“Amsteel Mills Sdn Bhd, a member of The Lion Group commenced operations in 1978. It operates two steel mills, in Klang and Banting, both in Selangor, which are equipped with modern facilities comprising Electric Arc Furnaces of 85-ton and 160-ton respectively, 6-strand Continuous Casting Machines and Ladle Furnaces to produce billets for rolling into bars and wire rods. The Banting mill produces special grade bars and wire rods for automotive parts, mattress and mechanical springs, turning parts, wire ropes and other specialty uses”

Devices World has worked with Amsteel since 2012, and has implemented both the iHEPS solution and the Max Demand Control (MDC) solution in its facilities in Klang to help with their energy efficiency efforts and with their Maximum Demand mitigation. By using the data collected from the iHEPS installation, and with consultation and advice from Devices World, they have been able to optimize their production schedule to ensure that they are not incurring any unnecessary Maximum Demand charges, shifting their larger loads to Off-Peak periods to avoid said Max Demand penalties.

Power Cables Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Power Cables Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Malaysia and has been one of pioneers of the industry since its incorporation in 1975. They utilize the iHEPS solution on a daily basis to check their consumption and plan out how to further reduce their energy bills. They continue to work closely with Devices World to further optimize the iHEPS solution to perfectly fit their requirements.

Long Win Trading Sdn. Bhd.

Long Win Trading is an ice manufacturing company located in Ipoh, Perak. They specialize in making edible ice for use in local restaurants and other hospitality services. They have been utilizing the iHEPS solution to monitor their consumption, and have been very active in working with Devices World to tailor the iHEPS solution to fit their needs, even going as far as to set up a live display right in front of the offices to let employees and managers know exactly how much energy is being used and whether or not they should reduce their usage.

Devices World has provided services to many other clients throughout Malaysia in all sorts of industries, ranging from public works, universities, Information Technology complexes, top shopping malls and even in labs for life sciences.


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