What is iSCADA

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) technology provides the means to monitor and control distributed systems from a central location. They are used widely in the telecommunications, power distribution, oil & gas and transportation industries. SCADA systems are typically deployed with dedicated communication infrastructure, proprietary software and hardware.

The iSCADA Difference

Access anywhere. Anytime.

Based in the Cloud, iSCADA, combines traditional SCADA technology with the web-based services to deliver cost-effective and easy-to-use SCADA solutions. With iSCADA, you can monitor and control virtually anything from anywhere in the world.

Unlike conventional SCADA or traditional telemetry systems, your valuable data is not “locked” in the confines of the control room. Because all of it’s key services are online, iSCADA can deliver real-time data and processed information directly to decision makers via the web. With it’s user-friendly interface, anyone from technicians, contractors, engineers, middle and top management can exploit its power.

iSCADA is also a universal Hosted Data Acquisition solution. Its end-to-end IP based architecture has the unique ability to consolidate data across multiple locations and integrate data across multiple systems.

How It Works

iSCADA Gateway devices are installed at strategic locations within a facility to monitor data from sensors. Such data can include power usage, water usage or temperature.

The iSCADA Gateway transmits site data to a managed iSCADA Cloud Server over the Internet using 3G, 4G or GPRS connectivity. The iSCADA Cloud Server constantly supervises all iSCADA Gateway locations in real time.

Any authorised user can access all information and data via the web on their computer, smartphone or tablet. This allows staff to have easy remote access to information like consumption, analogue data, performance statistics and Maximum Consumption Levels. The iSCADA platform is highly scalable to incorporate monitoring of any number of sites and systems in the future.

What is iSCADA

Benefits of the iSCADA Architecture

Low Cost of Data Transmission

iSCADA’s end-to-end Internet-based architecture offers a distinct advantage over other telemetry and point-to-point data acquisition solutions. Since all communications between iSCADA devices, servers and users are Internet based, this translates into the lowest cost compared to all other systems. Devices can be placed anywhere in the world, and users can seamlessly communicate with their devices from any Internet connection. 

Universally Accepted User Interface

Web-based solutions like iSCADA have a universally accepted, familiar and user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). This takes the complexities out of sophisticated engineering solutions, and places information in the hands of managers and other decision makers. It also flattens the learning curve for engineers and management.

Consolidated Information

Since all data is stored in a central database on the Internet, users have global access to consolidated data from any number of remote sites, irrespective of their geographical location. In contrast, stand alone telemetry or point-to-point systems store their data locally. In the event that these systems are “web-enabled”, users have to make separate connections to each site.

With iSCADA, it is all built-in.

Vendor-independent Integration

Being a generic, vendor-independent solution, iSCADA is uniquely positioned to manage your large asset base comprising equipment from multiple vendors. Our data loggers, server backend and user interface are specifically designed to integrate data from any asset. Coupled with the power to consolidate data across multiple locations, iSCADA is a highly effective asset management or data acquisition solution.

Hosted Data Acquisition

Our managed services model takes the complexities out of owning, maintaining and managing a data acquisition infrastructure. With iSCADA, you pay for data delivered to your desktop, instead of investing in costly data acquisition systems.

Anyone can use it, because it’s that easy.

Anyone can use iSCADA, not just control engineers.

Data is delivered through the universal user interface (the web browser) and information is organized in a familiar file/folder system. No in-depth computer expertise is required.

The value of any information increases with the number of people using it. Your iSCADA system administrator may create an unlimited number of user accounts to access the system. These may include top management, subsidiary heads, engineering department, finance department, maintenance contractors and field technicians.


For example, anyone in the organisation can get answers to critical questions by simply logging in to the iSCADA system:

Top management: What is the overall Availability Index of all assets across the enterprise for this year? 
Middle management: Is the newly appointed contractor performing better than the previous one? 
Engineering: Does the system trip more frequently in winter or in summer? 
Technician/contractor: What is the most recent alarm, and where is it coming from?

Get these answers immediately instead of waiting for departmental reports.

Applications of iSCADA Technology



iHEPS uses the iSCADA technology platform to deliver real-time energy consumption information. iHEPS aims to help large electrical energy consumers understand their energy usage patterns, achieve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

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iNEST is an environmentally friendly, solar-powered, non-intrusive monitoring system that uses iSCADA technology to deliver real-time scientific and environmental data to help researches and scientists better understand natural environments.

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While most iSCADA applications involve an entire facility, iTEMS adapts the same technology for individual tenants within the same facility. It can even directly invoice these tenants via a fully automated billing system. On top of that, it also provides a more detailed breakdown of data to track and analyse how best to mitigate consumption and achieve ‘best of class’ energy efficiency within an entire facility.

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iPAGS adapts iSCADA technology to operate automated gates inside facilities remotely. Sometimes, card-based automated gates may fail for whatever reason. But because iSCADA enables remote control of its various nodes, iPAGS offers a reliable backup system, allowing building operators or even residents to quickly and easily activate these gates wherever they are.

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