1. Energy Efficiency

Devices World designs and implements energy efficiency solutions and engagement strategies for utilities, retailers, property management groups, government corporations and industry associations. We specialize in providing customers with innovative approaches that achieve measurable energy consumption usage and savings. We develop innovative solutions that help our customers achieve satisfaction in reducing costs generated by utilities.

  1. Maximum Demand Control

Devices World develops, designs, engineers and installs a variety of solutions customized to enable precise measurement of instantaneous demand, and control demand as required to mitigate energy costs. Our innovative solutions help our customers achieve a maximum demand that conforms with their requirements to reduce monthly energy bills.

  1. Tenants Utilities Bills Management

Devices World developed and designed a state-of-the art automated utility billing solution that eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually generating utility bills. Devices World works to keep our customers content, and helps to improve collections and accounting. All of our billing options come with an e-Bill alternative where tenants can choose to receive their bill electronically via their email account.

  1. Remote Monitoring & Control

Devices World provides a complete, end-to-end solution for any field which requires monitoring and controlling, including the device, network and application, complemented with round the clock support, installation, site initialization and optional managed services. Our solution can help customers reduce operation costs by reducing the required amount of people in remote sites.

  1. Facilities E-maintenance

Devices World provides comprehensive solutions for building facilities teams to track data, analyze reports and identify service trends. Our customers have access to real-time reports and equipment health status through our online dashboards. Our solution can help facilities managers develop and implement strategies that increase operational and financial efficiency.


  1. Site Survey and Preliminary Evaluation

We provide onsite visits to customers’ sites to evaluate requirements and collect information. We will propose technical with cost optimization solutions to customers once the required information has been collected.

  1. Develop Solution and Deployment  

We provide complete solution services to customers to suite their requirements, from conceptual design to implementation, testing and commissioning. Whatever our customer’s needs, Devices World will work with them to provide the best and most cost effective solution available.

  1. Energy Analysis and Consultancy

We provide consultancy on energy efficiency through analysis of all aspects of the facility’s energy consumption and use. Energy audit results will form the basis for setting a realistic long-term sustainable energy mitigation plan, which will include the added benefit of utility bills reduction targets and strategies. 

  1. Tenants Utilities Bills Generation

We provide monthly bill generation services to help customers manage their tenants utilities bills, sending bills to tenants by email, as well as replace tenant meters whenever faulty.

iSCADA Managed Services

iSCADA’s software is not sold as packaged software. Rather, the software runs off our servers located in our data center, and our clients access it via the Internet.  This makes it easy for any organization to deploy Enterprise-wide monitoring solutions with the following unique benefits.

  • No capital investment required for Infrastructure or Software
    Clients enjoy the benefits of a SCADA system without having to invest in, or maintain, the expensive infrastructure and software associated with such a system.
  • Highly scalable
    The pay as you go model of SaaS gives clients the freedom to adapt to the changing usage of the software, on demand. Clients may begin with a subscription to manage one asset, and scale up to thousands incrementally over time without having to upgrade any hardware, software or networking infrastructure.
  • Monitor anything or everything
    Assets that were previously not economically feasible to be managed remotely can now be brought online one at a time or all at one time. With increased electronic supervision, clients benefit from improved uptime, efficient planned maintenance, reduced field technician cost & enhanced transparency in maintenance management.
  • Implement eMaintenance
    An emerging maintenance management concept whereby maintenance tasks are conducted using real time data obtained over the Internet. Clients managing a large asset base spread over a wide geographical area are able to consolidate real time equipment status across all locations and integrate real time data from any equipment irrespective of vendors. iSCADA eMaintenance software generates real time maintenance KPIs like Availability Index, Failure Counts and Outage Hours.