iSCADA Gateway Devices

The iSCADA Gateway is an embedded Internet gateway and a data logger (RTU) combined into a compact and rugged package. They  are self-contained, function independently without the need of any PCs at site, and come with an extensive range of Internet connectivity options.

Gateway:  3000X Series  

The Gateway 3000X Series is centred around the Intel® Quark SoC X1021. The Quark’s intricately integrated System on Chip construction provides high functionality with low power consumption, allowing 3000X devices to deliver significant savings without compromising performance. As in the preceding generation, the 3000X boasts an absence of mechanical parts along with all the reliability increases implied by such design.

The Gateway 3000X Series features up to 1GB of built-in RAM capacity supported by an 8MB NVRAM SPI NOR Flash Chip.

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The Gateway 3000X Series offers solutions for:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Cities
  • Energy

Gateway:  3000 Series  

The Gateway 3000 Series is a single-board computer design, based on the powerful ARM9 EP9302 processor. The key benefit of a single-board computer is the absence of mechanical parts, which means that the product is much more reliable and less prone to break down due to wear. 

The Gateway 3000 Series features up to 32 MB of NAND flash memory, and has the ability to run high speed SDRAM.

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The Gateway 3000 Series is ideally suited for applications like:-

  • Energy / Power Meters
  • Server Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Base Transceiver Stations
  • Reservoirs and Pump Houses

Features & Specifications:

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Gateway:  2000 Series  

The 2nnn.1002 series is designed for remote data acquisition via the Internet. Each Gateway has 10 inputs, 8 of which are user-programmable to receive analogue or digital signals. The remaining 2 inputs accept digital inputs only. Remote control is possible with 2 sets of normally open contacts. 

Analogue inputs can be 4-20mA or 0-5V while digital inputs can be volt-free contacts or 5VDC.

This series supports built-in PSTN, 10base-T Ethernet and external PSTN, GSM, GPRS, ACeS, WiFi, RF or VSAT connectivity.

Ideally suited for applications like:-

  • Condition Monitoring 
  • Power Management, Trending
  • Scientific and Industrial data acquisition
Gateway Features
Number of Input Channels10
   Maximum Digital Channels10
   Maximum Analogue Channels08
   Selectable 4-20mA or 0-5VYes
Number of Output Channels02
   Normally Open Relay Output02
   Analogue capableYes
Data EncryptionYes
Hardware Password ProtectionYes
Health CheckYes
Devices Log FileYes
   Number of Stored Events100
RS485 Network ReadyYes
   Number of Slaves Supported15
On Demand ConnectionYes
Built-in ModemYes
Built-in 100BaseT EthernetYes
Backup ConnectionYes

Gateway:  1000 Series 

The 10nn.1002 series is designed for exception-based monitoring. It has 10 volt-free contact inputs, 1 open collector and 1 normally open contact output. Internet connectivity to the iSCADA server is via a built-in PSTN modem or an external GSM modem. Legacy appliances can be monitored and managed remotely through the Internet by simply retrofitting this low cost device.   

I/O expansion up to 160 inputs and 32 outputs is easily achieved by cascading additional Slave devices. 

Ideally suited for applications like:-

  • Building Facility Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Monitoring of remote or unmanned assets
Gateway Features
Number of Input Channels 10
   Digital Channels 10
   Analogue Channels No
Number of Output Channels 02
   Normally Open Relay Output 01
   Open Collector Output 01
   Analogue capable No
Data Encryption Yes
Hardware Password Protection Yes
Health Check Yes
Devices Log File Yes
   Number of Stored Events 90
RS485 Network Ready Yes
   Number of Slaves Supported 15
On Demand Connection Yes
Built-in Modem Yes
GSM Ready Yes

iSCADA Slave Devices

The Slave Device is used for I/O points expansion or to interface multiple appliances to a single Gateway. It is similar to the Gateway 1000 Series except that it does not have a built-in modem and internet connectivity. It does not communicate with the internet directly but via the Gateway.

SLAVE  1000 Series  

Input Channels 

A total of 10 input channels are provided. These are user-programmable as Analogue or Digital inputs. A Digital input can be a relay contact or a DC (0 or 5V) signal. A maximum of 5 channels can be programmed as analogue channels (0 – 5V) to monitor parameters like temperature, pressure and liquid level. Sensors are not included.

Local network failure detection 

The Slave devices connects to each other and the Gateway via a pair of RS485 cable. Any failure in the communication cable will be detected and the affected Slave device reported to the iSCADA server.

Devices Log File 

The 01.1002 model is an Internet Gateway and a data logger combined. A non-volatile log file of the last 90 events is kept locally at the Device. The user may upload this log file for analysis.

Slave Device Features
Number of Input Channels10
   Programmable Digital Channels10
   Programmable Analogue Channels5 max.
Number of Output Channels02
   Normally Open Relay Output01
   Open Collector Output01
   Analogue capableNo
Data EncryptionYes
Hardware Password ProtectionYes
Health CheckYes
Devices Log FileYes
   Number of Stored Events90
RS485 Network Failure DetectionYes
On Demand ConnectionYes

iSCADA Interface Boards

For appliances that are not SCADA-ready.

We can retrofit older non-SCADA compliant devices with suitable interface boards that convert the parameters you need monitored into digital or analogue signals so that our Gateway or Slave devices can read them.

System integrators can make use of a variety of boards that interfaces with 240VAC, 24VDC and 12VDC systems.

If you require an interface device, please contact us with your specific needs.