iHEPS uses iSCADA’s advanced technology to deliver real-time energy consumption information to help large electrical energy consumers understand their energy usage patterns, achieve energy efficiency and ultimately reduce energy costs.

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  • iTEMS


    iTEMS monitors electricity consumption for all individual tenants of our clients. It gives detailed breakdowns of data to track and analyse how best to mitigate consumption and achieve ‘best of class’ energy efficiency within a facility. It continuously monitors each tenant’s consumption from an existing (or newly installed) metering point.

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  • iNEST


    iNEST is an environmentally friendly, solar-powered, non-intrusive monitoring system that uses iSCADA technology to deliver real-time scientific and environmental data to help researches and scientists better understand natural environments.

  • iPAGS


    iPAGS is an iSCADA solution for an automated gate system using wireless, mobile phone and Internet connectivity. It complements current card based automated gate systems and provides a back-up system. It is simple to use and configure, providing a hassle-free and effective way for residents to enter their buildings or housing estates without worry.

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Through an intelligent network of meters and sensors, iSCADA gives you real time data and control over your industrial, infrastructure and/or facility-based processes. Our powerful cloud service delivers information over the web so you can keep track of everything, anywhere. iSCADA even has an in-built alarm manager that alerts users when the process monitored by iSCADA deviates from normal operating conditions.



The iSCADA online portal displays all the relevant data needed to manage any large-scale processes and delivers intelligent reports along with powerful analytics to help monitor them. For instance, while monitoring a colocation centre’s energy consumption, it may be important to know how many kilowatt-hours you’re using, but it is also equally important to know how much the consumption will cost; alternatively, it may also be pertinent to monitor the temperature of the server room to ensure optimum operating performance. You may want to know what you can do to reduce cost, and iSCADA will tell you how.


iSCADA sensor network is accurate. Unlike most other alternatives, iSCADA is able to tap directly into most facility’s standard sensors and/or meters and have the data collected uploaded onto our servers, giving you access to it through our online portal instantly.



Installing iSCADA is simple. Its sensors and meters are fully non-invasive. iSCADA simply latches on to your facility’s standard meters or any compatible monitoring infrastructure that your building is already equipped with. 

Key Benefits of iSCADA

Data Any Where

iSCADA provides an efficient and cost-effective means to collect data from any site and transmit it over the Internet/Intranet. iSCADA is a hosted, cloud-based solution and this means that you do not need to install any software to access your data.

All you need is a device that can connect to the Internet, even mobile devices. Since everything is available online, all the data you need will be at your fingertips; anywhere, anytime!

Data Any One

Do you want to receive first-hand reports and alerts? How about a system that delivers data to many users, instead of to just a few users?

iSCADA releases you from the confines of the control room. iSCADA delivers key data via the Internet directly to the right people at the right time – your engineers, the managers, decision makers, conference rooms, even site offices of maintenance contractors.

Data Any How

How about a system that alerts you, instead of you needing to check it often?

iSCADA delivers alerts with minimum delay through your preferred communication choice. It could send you an SMS or an email, when the data is fresh. This gives you and your organization more time to attend to the alert.

Our dedicated servers deliver critical information in real-time online, via mobile alerts, in customizable reports, and summarized using clear & precise statistical analysis.

There's More to iSCADA

iSCADA is adaptable and scalable to your every need. Find out how you can take advantage of it’s power.

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